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It's Canning Time!

The Meat Canner of Lewis County is ready to go! Thursday and Friday April 13-14 at the dates!

This year we will again be chunking chicken for distribution for around the world and northern New York.


Thanks to all the individuals, churches, organizations, and the NNYCF for helping us meet our fundraising goal. At this point all additional funds that come in will help in gathering supplies for MCC Hygiene kits (which we'll be putting together on the days of the canner) as well as help us provide extra meat from local providers to more people in Northern New York.

Turkey vs. Chicken

It had earlier been advertised that we would be cutting turkey but the committee has made the decision to can chicken this year for a few reasons.

#1 – Purchasing chicken will allow us to stretch our funds further to include purchasing supplies for MCC Hygiene kits. These kits will available for assembly on the canner days.

#2 – We also hope to use the extra funds as seed money to start purchasing meat year-round from local producers for local distribution to those in need.

#3 – We are hoping to help the MCC Meat Canner work towards USDA certification to cut chicken. As of now they are only certified to cut turkey and use a mechanical cutter for chicken.

Our commitment is to use our funds wisely to provide the best product to those in need, while balancing community involvement in getting the job done. In coming years, we hope to be back to cutting meat instead of using a mechanical cutter. This allows more people to help. We are committed to bringing our community together for the greater good of feeding the hungry here in Northern NY and around the world.


If you'd like to volunteer at the canner you can go to our main page and click on the volunteer link.

Comforters and Hygiene Kits

Canning meat isn't the only thing happening at the canner. Up at the Manor House at Maple Ridge there will be stations set up where you can help tie comforters or put together hygiene kits. Both of these go around the world to help those who are in need from war, hunger and natural disasters. You can read about these projects and more on MCC's website.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Hope to see you there!



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